Jobs in USA For Immigrants: Migrate to USA as a Skilled Worker Jobs in USA For Immigrants: Migrate to USA as a Skilled Worker - Immigrate To Canada

Jobs in USA For Immigrants: Migrate to USA as a Skilled Worker

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Jobs in USA For Immigrants: Migrate to USA as a Skilled Worker

Migrating to the US as a skilled worker is quite possible since it's underneath the professional worker programs to legally migrate to the United States.

Foreign professionals have a certain fascination with knowing just how to legally immigrate to the United States. Whereas, there are many options which be determined by the profile of every professional.

For a number of these options, it is vital to really have the support of an American company, since it's this business that grants a sponsorship for the  work visa.

Kinds of Professional Worker Programs

  • EB-1 Category

To acquire the residence card, you should apply to the EB-1 category, that will be divided in to three subcategories:

  • The initial category: is for professionals with exceptional abilities, in Education, Sciences, Arts, Sports and Business.
  • The next category: is for outstanding university professors or researchers.
  • The 3rd category: for a few Managers and Managers of foreign companies who will work in the United States.

Once the case of professionals with surprising qualities is presented, they don't require sponsorship from any company.

Meanwhile, in categories two and three, they have to have a sponsor generally in most cases.

  • EB-2 Category

The EB-2 category pertains to individuals who be noticeable or excel in the Arts, Sciences and Business. Foreigners with master's degrees or bachelor's degree with increased than five years of experience also are able in this category.

  • EB-3 Category

That is also called the skilled worker program and has some subcategories which will be discussed next subhead.

  • EB-4 Category
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The EB-4 category is employed to acquire a natural card for different kinds of people.

These individuals range from the doctors, religious workers, officials of international organizations, workers of the Panama Canal or NATO, Afghan and Iraqi translators who've provided their services to the United States Army.

  • H-1B or Temporary Work Visa

The H-1B or temporary work visa has double purposes. Through this category, the procedure of changing to a natural card is becoming easier.

It is made for professionals and employed by most employees of technology companies. The tech companies sponsor this visa probably the most

  • L-1 and L-2 Category

The L-1 and L-2 visa for temporary work are employed by multinationals due to their Managers or Executives that are utilized in the United States.

This visa also serves double purposes.

  • TN Visa

For Mexican and Canadian professionals, the TN visa applies based on the Free Trade Agreement.

Migrate to the US as a Skilled Worker

The skilled worker program falls in other ways to migrate to the USA as a professional. It can also be called the Category EB-3.

It welcomes workers who are able to emigrate and who've no opportunity in the EB-1 and EB-2 categories.

Guidelines the kinds of people who are able to obtain the EB-3;

  • Workers with skills and work connection with at least two years.
  • Professionals with degrees or degrees.
  • Workers in numerous areas who've training and work connection with at least two years.

Required Documents to Migrate to the US as a Skilled Worker

  • A passport that's valid for at the very least 6 months.
  • Two (2 x 2) passport photographs.
  • Civil documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, and others.
  • Bits of evidence that you will be financially stable.
  • Medical examination results.
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Steps to Migrate to the US as a Skilled Worker

  1. Get online to accomplish and sign the Form I – 140
  2. Pay your filing fee
  3. Provide all the necessary documents.
  4. Await the response to verify your application.
  5. Attend the interview.


If you're a foreign professional who wishes to migrate to the US soon. Then, you should look at the  skilled worker program.

I think this short article has covered the majority of the things you should find out about this program.

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